Centro de Estudios y Apoyo al Desarrollo Local, "CEADEL"


CEADEL works on the defense of labor rights in the maquila textile factories in Chimaltenango. The labor rights violations committed against the mostly young, female work force are tremendous. With a staff of 18, CEADEL, has garnered much attention for its groundbreaking work defending these women. They offer courses to develop women labor leaders, organize protests at specific factories, train girls and adolescents in alternative employment, and litigate cases for workers to recover stolen wages and benefits. An additional strategy is to politically pressure the multinational name brand companies who reap the benefit of the sweatshop labor. Teaming up with the National Labor Committee based in New York, CEADEL has many success stories where public exposure led to significant improvements in factory conditions. s, collective labor rights and discrimination. Founded in 2004, it now constitutes 100 Mayan lawyers.

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