June 2007


Washington, D.C. June 7, 2007

Global Workers attended a House of Representative’s Education and Labor Committee Hearing on “Protecting U.S. and Guest Workers: the Recruitment and Employment of Temporary Foreign Labor.” Representative George Miller called the hearing, in part to discuss his bill (H.R. 1763) on labor recruiter accountability. The hearing mostly discussed broad points of immigration reform.

Yellow Knife, North West Territories, Canada June 29, 2007

Invited by the Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers (www.call-acams.com/en-guest/), a Global Workers representative traveled to Yellow Knife, Canada to speak on the USA guest worker program. It was a unique opportunity to discuss the USA program with top Canadian labor lawyers and learn about the Canadian system from its leading experts.

Yellow Knife, North West Territories, Canada June 30, 2007

Canada’s non-agricultural or Temporary Foreign Program (TFP) has similarities to the USA’s H-2B guest worker program. According to Canadian advocates, the TFP has grown exponentially, with 40,000 workers coming to the province of Alberta alone in 2006. Employers are not required to provide housing, transportation, or cover recruitment costs. It is typical for employers to rent housing to the workers, oftentimes charging inflated rents. Under payment of promised contract rates is rampant and enforcement is scare.

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