July 2007


Brussels, Belgium, July 9, 2007

Global Workers was one of the 200 NGOs worldwide selected to participate in the Civil Society Day of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (www.gfmd-civil-society.org/index.html) on July 9 in Belgium. The Civil Society Day was created as a means of quasi participation in the government-only Global Forum on Migration and Development (www.gfmd-fmmd.org).

Brussels, Belgium July 10, 2007

Parallel to the governmental Global Forum on Migration & Development was the Global Community Forum on Migration, Development, and Human Rights organized by prominent NGOs. Especially since NGOs are marginalized in the government process, the need for NGOs, trade unions, migrant associations and church organizations to organize themselves on this issue is urgent. The inclusion of human rights in the conference title was deliberate. One can not discuss migration without human rights.

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