September 2007


Tapachula, Chiapas, México September 1, 2007

Tapchula, the southern most city in Chiapas, is a city known for the Central American migrants passing through on the train as they head to the United States and as an area of destination for Guatemala migrant workers. Hundreds of Guatemalan women and girls come to Tapchula to work as domestic workers. In addition, approximately, 60,000 Guatemalans migrate annually to work in the harvest in the southern plantations. All of these workers suffer labor abuses, the extent of which is largely unknown.

Tapachula, Chiapas, México September 3, 2007

Global Workers crossed into Guatemala to meet with the human rights organization, Casa del Migrante (“Migrant’s House”) that assists migrant workers on the other side of the border. The Center mostly helps Central American migrants who are heading north. Offering food, shelter, and limited medical care, over 17,000 migrants pass through its doors every year. More recently, the center has looked into the Guatemalan migrants who cross over to Chiapas to work in the harvest. The center has begun to educate Guatemalan workers on their labor rights in Mexico.

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