March 2008


Pascagoula, Mississippi March 5, 2008

The New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice asked Global Workers to support a case of Indian H-2b guest workers trafficked to work for Signal International, a large shipyard in Mississippi. Specifically, they wanted to bring legal actions in India against the recruiter and to explore international legal actions in addition to the domestic actions they were about to pursue.

Pascagoula, Mississippi March 6, 2008

Today, 100 of these Indian guest workers quit their jobs at Signal and threw their hard hats at the front gate in a symbolic protest. Angry and defrauded, these workers want justice. A local TV station covered the action. Global Workers was present at the protest in Pascagoula as part of an international legal support team.

New Orleans, Louisiana March 8, 2008

Today Global Workers met with Brazilian and Mexican workers who were all exploited through the guest worker program and are organizing with the support of the New Orleans Workers Center. The Brazilian workers paid up to $6,000 to secure jobs as welders at the Signal shipyard in Mississippi. But when they arrived they were shocked to discover that there was no work at all.

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