November 2008


New York, New York November 7, 2008

Today Global Workers ran a “webinar”, a live seminar broadcast over the internet, as the fifth and final session of the series “Global Perspectives on Workers’ Rights: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know” co-sponsored with the Labor and Employment Law Program of Cornell University’s ILR School and the International Commission for Labor Rights.

Washington D.C., November 20, 2008

This morning, Global Workers released the manual “Challenges to Transnational Litigation: Representing Absentee Migrant Workers in U.S. Courts” at the National Farmworker Law Conference. This is the first manual of its kind to guide U.S. lawyers on portable justice issues. The manual explores, for example, the various ways one can acquire a visa for a worker to return to testify in the United States plus practitioner tips on increasing ones chances of securing the visa. Another issue explored is the jurisdictional issues raised when conducting an oath at a deposition conducted abroad.

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