May 2010


San Marcos, Guatemala May 3, 2010

The state of San Marcos borders Mexico in the northwestern highland part of Guatemala. It is one of the highest migrant sending areas in the country. Bishop Alvaro Ramazzini directs the 115 person strong Social Ministry of the Diocese of San Marcos. After an interesting and lengthy discussion, the Bishop agreed to join the Defender Network. After signing the Defender Agreement, Cathleen was a guest on the weekly radio program on human rights.

Santa Cruz de Quiche, Guatemala May 4, 2010

The last stop in the almost two week trip to Guatemala was in Santa Cruz del Quiché, the capital of Quiché, another northwestern highland state. This state presented more challenges for identifying partners for the Defender Network. No NGO has legal staff on the team. For various reasons, the lawyers all choose to pursue private practice then work directly for NGOs. Global Workers seeks partners, which have the capacity to conduct education campaigns and offer legal support both to work easily with the U.S. lawyers but also to address the increasing violations we see in Guatemala itself.

NELA New York Spring Conference May 14, 2010

Executive Director, Cathleen Caron, spoke at the National Employment Lawyers Association New York City Chapter Spring Conference. As part of a panel presentation on “Remedies for a Migrant Workforce: Retaliation, Discrimination, and Trafficking Claims,” Cathleen focused on the special challenges of representing clients who leave the United States during litigation. The audience included almost 100 lawyers who represent employees in employment law matters. When asked, roughly 25 raised their hands to note that they had represented low wage clients (most of whom would be immigrant workers).

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