Mexico City, Mexico September 25, 2008

Cathleen Caron, Executive Director, and Griselda Vega Muñoz, the new Mexico Director, traveled to Mexico so Cathleen could present Griselda to Global Workers Defenders and allies in Mexico. Over the course of several days in Mexico City, the first leg of the trip, they met with Mexican government officials, U.S. consular officials, and Mexican NGO allies.

New York, New York September 23, 2008

Yesterday, Global Workers co-hosted a panel discussion for lawyers seeking continuing legal education (CLE) credit entitled Workers’ Rights and the Changing Global Economy. The CLE featured Bill Gould, the former National Labor Relations Board chair, Ashwini Sukthankar of the International Labor Rights Commission, and Cathleen Caron of Global Workers. Bill discussed the future outlook of the National Labor Relations Board and his current work as an independent “freedom of association monitor” with FirstGroup, the leading provider of surface transportation services.

New York, New York September 5, 2008

Global Workers is proud to announce that Griselda Vega Muñoz joined our team today. Griselda will direct Global Workers expanding program in Mexico. She comes to us with over seven years of litigation experience representing low-income latinos in general civil litigation matters with Columbia Legal Services and the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago. To read more about Griselda please go to our Team page. Under Griselda’s direction, we look forward to strengthening and expanding our program in Mexico.

Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico April 30, 2008

After one last substantive session focused on the use of international law, the training shifted into action. The last day was dedicated to how the Global Workers Defender Network will function. These defenders were trained to accomplish three objectives. 1. Educate migrant workers about their rights in the US. 2. Identify cases of workers exploited in the US to refer to Global Workers. 3. Through Global Workers, partner with US organizations who are facing challenges in assisting their worker clients who have returned to their home countries.

Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico April 29, 2008

Day two saw the completion of the US employment law segment, which covered Discrimination (with a special emphasis on sexual harassment, a serious and under addressed problem in the work place, especially for farmworker women), Unions (interestingly the focus of the most extensive questions), Health and Safety (mostly the rights of injured workers), Temporary Guestworkers, and Human Trafficking.


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