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Mexico City, Mexico - October 9, 2013

The first meeting of the day was with Secretaria de Trabajo y Prevension Social (STPS) who we have been working with to tackle the tricky issue of providing oath swearing services in Mexico for a U.S.

Greenwich, Connecticut - October 9, 2013

Outreach - Retired Men’s Association

Mexico City, Mexico - October 7-8, 2013

Two members of the Global Workers team, Griselda Vega and Bates Fellow Jesica Soley, were in Mexico City for meetings with allies and partners.  The first meeting was with colleagues from the Colectivo-PND, a national Mexican network of over 80 human rights organizations who are working on a variety of issues with a focus on migration.

New York City, New York - October 4, 2013

United Nation’s High Level Dialogue – Day Two

The UNHLD final day included Roundtable 4, Labor Mobility. Executive Director, Cathleen Caron was selected as one of the ten civil society members to speak from the floor, time permitting. In the end, only one civil society representative spoke from the floor. The challenge for non-government participation in roundtable two was twofold.

New York City, New York - October 3, 2013

United Nation’s High Level Dialogue – Day One

Today the two-day High-Level Dialogue (HLD) opened. The two days are structured between plenaries, where governments make floor speeches to a sparsely populated General Assembly Hall and 4 roundtables on the 4 themes of the HLD.

New York City, New York - October 2, 2013

People's Global Action - Day Three

Many side meetings, inspiring panels, and calls to coordinated action marked the third day of the PGA. A panel on legal strategies to challenge temporary foreign worker visa programs was especially on point.

New York City, New York - October 1, 2013

People’s Global Action – Day Two

Global Workers co-sponsored a panel with Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan, Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM), and Centro de los Derechos del Migrante. Executive Director, Cathleen Caron moderated the panel entitled, Cross Border Strategies to Challenge and Document Abuses in Temporary worker Programs.

New York City, New York - September 30, 2013

People’s Global Action – Day One

Today marked the opening of the People’s Global Action, the civil society side event to the United Nation’s High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development.

Guatemala, Guatemala – July 11, 2013

Press Conference and Report Release

The trickle of reporter and news media outlets this morning quickly turned into a downpour of demands on the press release speakers’ time, as TV crews, radios, and print journalists pulled Global Workers’ Executive Director, Cathleen Caron, and report author and Global Workers defender Aroldo Palacios aside for one-on-one interviews. The press release, or Rueda de Prensa, stayed true to its name, driving speakers to answer rounds of identical questions during the press conference for our report, Confiscation of Property Titles by Recruiters in Guatemala of Temporary Workers with H-2B Visas.

Guatemala, Guatemala – July 10, 2013

4th Global Workers Defender Network Forum

Over 20 defenders and observers arrived in Guatemala City for the 4th Global Workers Defender Network Forum. As the Defender Network grows and we hone the strengths of our cross border model, these forums continue to play an important role in directing our efforts across the region. Key elements of every forum are the outcome sharing and strategic planning sessions and discussions. This year the forum in Guatemala took on issues involving recruitment fraud, among them the unlawful practice by recruiters of H-2B visas of confiscating property titles as collateral against workers leaving their contract early due to abusive working conditions.

In the first session of the day defender organizations reported on the work their respective organizations had accomplished in the context of portable justice and the Defender Network...


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