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IOM’s Guatemalan Temporary Agricultural Workers to Canada

The Guatemalan Temporary Agricultural Workers to Canada program (GTAWC) was initiated under the auspices of the Pilot Project in 2003. This particular sub-program is important because the recruiter is International Organization on Migration (IOM), a government membership organization based in Geneva,).

As mentioned above, the government division Human Resources and Development Canada (HRSDC) outsourced the responsibility of reviewing LMO applications to FARMS (or, under its French Canadian acronym, FERME) in 1987. After the Pilot Project was introduced in 2002, FERME in Quebec approached the Guatemalan government, which had been lobbying for an opportunity to export temporary labor to Canada for many years, and drew up an MOU to facilitate the application of the Pilot Project.29 The MOU provides that an intergovernmental organization, the IOM, in conjunction with the Guatemalan Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Labour and Social Affairs,30 recruit workers “in the field” according to the needs of Pilot Project LMOs processed in Quebec by FARMS. This program began in 2003 with 215 workers in Quebec; it has since facilitated the employment of 14,000 temporary workers in Quebec, Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia.31


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Recruitment Rules: Countries of Employment

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