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Unauthorized Workers

Unauthorized residents are foreign-born non-citizens who do not reside legally in the United States. These are defined as residents who entered legally on visas and have overstayed the required date of departure, migrants who entered through unauthorized means, and migrants who have applied for asylum or Temporary Protected Status.10

Top Ten Countries of Origin for Unauthorized Residents – as of January 1, 2011 11


Total Unauthorized Residents 10,790,000
1. Mexico 6,800,000
2. El Salvador 660,000
3. Guatemala 520,000
4. Honduras 380,000
5. China 280,000
6. Phillippines 270,000
7. India 240,000
8. Korea 230,000
9. Ecudor 210,000
10. Vietnam 170,000


Source: Department of Homeland Security Office of Immigration Statistics


The large majority of unauthorized immigrants in 2010, 63 percent, were between the ages 25 and 44 years. 62 percent of the population between the ages of 18 and 34 were male, while females accounted for 53 percent of the 45 and older age groups.

California remained the leading state of residence for unauthorized immigrants, with 2.6 million, followed by Texas, 1.8 million, and Florida with 760,00012


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