El Salvador & Guatemala - April 21-23, 2015

Recruitment Regulations in Countries of Origin and in Countries of Employment: presentations and discussion 
In coordination with Defenders Network member Grupo de Monitoreo Independiente de El Salvador (GMIES), we released the reports Recruitment Regulations in Countries of Origin: A Comparative Analysis on Recruitment Regulations in México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua and  Recruitment Regulations in Countries of Employment: Recruitment of Temporary Migrants Workers in Mexico and Central America to work in U.S. and Canada.
Global Workers Defender Network members Aracely Peña (GMIES) and Aroldo Palacios presented the analysis of the recruitment regulations in El Salvador and Guatemala, and GMIES presented the challenges of access to justice for workers who returned to their countries of origin having a case pending in countries of employment.
In El Salvador, several elected officials attended the presentation and joined the discussion. El Salvador Department of Labor representative shared how his department is working to prevent workers been abused during the recruitment. A representative from the National Council to Protect Migrants and their Families also attended the presentation. The discussion was about the necessity of government agencies and non-governmental organizations to join efforts to prevent fraud on recruitment and protect temporary workers’ rights.
In Guatemala, elected officials from the Office of Foreign Affairs (MINEX) and the National Council to Attention to Migrants (CONAMIGUA) attended the presentation and shared the "Know Your Rights" campaign they launched in Guatemala to prevent abuses to migrant workers and the efforts that the MINEX is doing in coordination with other agencies and NGOs to better protect migrant workers’ rights. NGOs such as Pastoral de la Movilidad Humana, INCEDES, AGUND, and the Global Workers Defender Network attended the presentation. 
Attendees in Guatemala agreed on the necessity to create a coordination space where all the organizations and agencies can work together to advance on protecting temporary workers rights and combat fraud on recruitment. 

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