Octubre 2008


Oaxaca, Mexico October 3, 2008

Global Workers next stop on this Mexico trip was Oaxaca. The principal goal was to meet with the three organizations that attended our inaugural Defender training in April (see blog entries from April 27-30, 2008) and to have them formally affiliate with our Network. Over the course of the week, Cathleen and Griselda traveled to Juxtlahuaca, Tlaxiaco, and Oaxaca City. Juxtlahuaca and Tlaxiaco are in the heart of the Mixteca, the northwestern mountainous corner of Oaxaca.

San Cristóbal, Chiapas, Mexico October 7, 2008

The next stop was San Cristóbal de las Casas, a city in northern Chiapas. La Red de Defensores Comunitarios por los Derechos Humanos was the group we visited to discuss formal integration to the Global Workers Defenders Network. “La Red” as it is known is different from the other groups we are working with in Mexico and Guatemala. In general, the more traditional human rights groups have a central staff that work from an office and they decide and guide the programmatic work. La Red on the other hand is a community-cased organization.

Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico October 10, 2008

Griselda and Cathleen wrapped up their trip to Mexico with a stop in Tapachula. In Tapachula, Cathleen introduced Griselda to the one Defender organization that had already signed up with our Network prior to our trip, Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Matias de Cordova. Fray Matias is the only organization in our Network to already work with migrants (to read more see blog entry from September 1, 2007). They are strong partners and we look forward to supporting their expansion into the defense of Mexican migrants who have labored in the United States.

Ottawa, Canada October 26, 2008

Global Workers was invited to discuss portable justice issues in the context of U.S. labor migration at “Solidarity: Migrant Workers” a Canadian national conference to raise awareness and create solidarity with temporary and migrant workers who are employed in ever increasing numbers and work sectors in Canada. Building on the previous time Global Workers was invited to Canada (see blog entries June 29-30, 2007), it was a great opportunity to make connections with Canadian advocates who face similar challenges when it comes to addressing the extreme vulnerability temporary workers face.


"Tribunal canadiense ordena a empresa indemnizar a trabajadoras mexicanas" (fuente: La Jornada)

COMUNICADO DE PRENSA: Guatemala, Guatemala - Hoy Global Workers Justice Alliance, la Pastoral de Movilidad Humana de la Conferencia Episcopal de Guatemala y La Oficina de Derechos Humanos del Arzobispado de Guatemala hacer saber al publico nacional e internacional de la apropiación irregular de títulos de propiedad por parte de reclutadores de trabajadores migrantes temporales, con el informe "Confiscación de Títulos de Propiedad en Guatemala por parte de reclutadores en Programas de Trabajadores Temporales con Visas H-2B". Sigue el enlace para acceder el comunicado completo:

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