Agosto 2009


Quiche, Guatemala August 17, 2009

With the idea to open new areas in Guatemala, Cathleen Caron, Executive Director, traveled to Guatemala for two weeks. The first new state of expansion is Quiche, a northwestern highland state. Many people migrate from Quiche to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, and California.

Quiche, Guatemala August 19, 2009

Cathleen had the opportunity to meet with almost all of the human rights organizations located in the state capital of Quiche during the week. The Defensoría Wajxaqib´ No´j is an organization that focuses on promoting the use and respect of the traditional indigenous Mayan justice system. The Comite Ejecutivo de Justicia is a coordinating organization comprised of governmental and NGO representatives that work on many varied initiatives from environmental to domestic violence to improve the governmental responses to these challenges.

Quiche, Guatemala August 20, 2009

Since no one organization stands out to partner with Global Workers, Cathleen has proposed piecing together a network that could offer the full services that we hope to offer migrants in Quiche. The Defensoría de la Mujer Indígena is a government-funded organization that offers legal services and education to indigenous women in Quiche. The organization has an excellent reputation and is well known for its progressive work for women’s rights.

Quiche, Guatemala August 21, 2009

A final group Cathleen visited was the Defensoria Indígena K’iche’. The organization, among other things, mediates a whole host of conflicts in the Mayan community. The two times Cathleen visited, the waiting room was full of people looking for help with their particular problem. Although the organization does not have legal nor strong technical capacity, it is a place that educates thousands of people on their rights and thousands of people come to them for help.

Guatemala, Guatemala August 27, 2009

As first described in the May 27 blog entry, Global Workers continues to push forward the case of Jose Sicajau, a worker who was retaliated against for being a witness against a Canadian farmer who beat a Mexican worker. The International Organization of Migration (IOM) director who was allegedly involved in the retaliation (he was also under a cloud of scrutiny for accusations related to corruption) was replaced July 1. Cathleen, Jose Sicajau, and our local defender, G & C Consultores, met yesterday with the new director hoping that he would correct the situation.

Guatemala, Guatemala August 26, 2009

Today Cathleen met with Bishop Ramazzini, a champion for human rights in Guatemala. The Bishop is based in the western state of San Marcos, one of the biggest migrant sending states in the country. It was an honor to simply meet him let alone propose to formally collaborate with his pastoral ministry (which is an active human rights office of 80 employees). He was immediately intrigued by her proposal and wanted to involve not just his migrant office (which educates 2,000 migrants a year on their rights) but his human rights department as well.

Guatemala, Guatemala August 28, 2009

On Cathleen’s final day in Guatemala she met with two organizations that may be a good fit to join the Global Workers Defenders Network. The Archbishop’s Human Rights Office (ODHA) ( is one of the preeminent human rights organizations in Guatemala. The former director, Bishop Gerardi, was assassinated in 1997 two days after he presented the ODHA’s report entitled “Nunca Mas” which documented the human rights abuses during Guatemala’s civil war. The ODHA now has a mediation department, which also handles labor complaints.


"Tribunal canadiense ordena a empresa indemnizar a trabajadoras mexicanas" (fuente: La Jornada)

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