Noviembre 2009


3rd Global Forum on Migration & Development Civil Society Days - Athens, Greece, November 1, 2009

Athens, Greece was the choice for the Civil Society Days of the 3rd Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) to take place. The focus of the forum was to bring together delegates that represented migrant organizations, diaspora and development organizations, labor unions, academia, and the private sector to discuss the major issues concerning migration around the world and to strategize on overcoming those obstacles.

The Peoples’ Global Action (PGA) Athens, Greece, November 4, 2009

The Peoples’ Global Action (PGA) is an independent civil society event that takes place parallel to the GFMD. The PGA brings together groups from all over the world to share information, dialogue, strengthen their analysis and develop joint positions on current and emerging issues on migration. The PGA’s focus is to be the space where independent civil society can jointly discuss migration from a human rights perspective.

Reclaiming our Wages, NELP conference, Washington D.C., November 6-7, 2009

Global Workers’ Executive Director, Cathleen Caron, attended the National Employment Law Project’s, Reclaiming our Wages: A Conference on Organizing, Public Policy, and Workers Rights. Over two days, advocates from across the country discussed the cutting edge issues today facing workers in the United States. The event was a fantastic gathering of the leading worker advocates in the country. Some of the interesting panels included an analysis of how the effort to push for immigration reform is shaping up.

Day 1 and 2 of GFMD Athens, Greece, November 2-3, 2009

The GFMD Civil Society Days are two days full of dialogue and deliberation. The conference is set up as a series of roundtable discussions where the chair of the session summarizes the two discussion papers that have been designated for that round-table discussion, she/he sets out the parameters in which the discussion will evolve and then the delegates get to respond to the issues. At the end of each round-table a designated Rapporteur gathered all the commentary/recommendations to be summarized and presented later.

U.S. Consulate, Monterrey, México November 13, 2009

Global Workers, Cathleen Caron and Griselda Vega, met today with three officials in the non-immigrant visa division at the U.S. consulate in Monterrey, México. Workers rights organizations in Florida and Georgia contacted us about a new insidious technique used by farm labor contractors to discourage workers from exerting their rights. The contractors are telling the workers that the U.S. consulate will deny them H-2 guestworker visas if they speak up about their rights.

Second Global Workers Defenders Network Training, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México, Day One November 15, 2009

Global Workers is pleased to announce the opening day of its Second Global Workers Defenders Network Training. We have convened 28 persons from 13 organizations from 5 states in Mexico (Mexico City, Guerrero, Tabasco, Chiapas, and Oaxaca) and 5 states in Guatemala (Huehuetenango, San Marcos, Quiche, Chimaltenango, and Guatemala City) to San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas for three days of intensive training on U.S. employment law, trafficking, U.S. legal system and international law.

Second Global Workers Defenders Network Training, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México, Day Two November 16, 2009

Day Two was another full agenda. We tackled employment discrimination, temporary guestworkers, human trafficking, health and safety, unions, and international law. Because these topics are quite broad, the focus was narrowed to the aspects most relevant to transnational migrant workers. In addition, our local Defender, and co-organizer for the training, the Network of Community Defenders for Human Rights, discussed the work they do in defense of communities in Chiapas. Perhaps the highlight of the day was the work in groups.

Second Global Workers Defenders Network Training, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México, Day Three November 17, 2009

The final day focused exclusively on the Global Workers Defenders Network. Although the primary audience was persons from organizations who were new to the Defender Network, persons from organizations already in the Network were also in attendance. The training has two goals: to train persons from potential Defender organizations and to train additional staff from organizations that are already in the Defender Network. The presence of Defenders already working with us in day three added enormously to the final day.

Eighth Coordination Meeting on International Migration, United Nations Day 1 Nov. 17, 2009

Global Workers’ Program Assistant Kate D’Adamo attended the United Nation’s Eighth Coordinating Meeting on International Migration. The two day meeting is a coordination effort of different UN agencies, civil society organizations, and private organizations who are working in international migration to come together to review their last year’s programs and talk about the goals for the upcoming year.

Eighth Coordination Meeting on International Migration, United Nations Day 2 Nov 18, 2009

The second day of the meeting provided a great opportunity to expand on the activities of the first. More programs shared their experiences of the last year, as well as discuss goals for 2010, as well as discussed the recent Global Forum on Migration and Development. (To read about Mexico Program Director Griselda Vega’s experience at the Global Forum, please see November 1)


"Tribunal canadiense ordena a empresa indemnizar a trabajadoras mexicanas" (fuente: La Jornada)

COMUNICADO DE PRENSA: Guatemala, Guatemala - Hoy Global Workers Justice Alliance, la Pastoral de Movilidad Humana de la Conferencia Episcopal de Guatemala y La Oficina de Derechos Humanos del Arzobispado de Guatemala hacer saber al publico nacional e internacional de la apropiación irregular de títulos de propiedad por parte de reclutadores de trabajadores migrantes temporales, con el informe "Confiscación de Títulos de Propiedad en Guatemala por parte de reclutadores en Programas de Trabajadores Temporales con Visas H-2B". Sigue el enlace para acceder el comunicado completo:

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