Febrero 2010


Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico February 11 & 12, 2010

Getting out before one of the biggest snow storms to hit New York in years, Global Workers’ Mexico Director, Griselda Vega headed to Villahermosa, Tabasco. This trip is focused on visiting potential new alliances with NGO’s in Tabasco that are working with transnational migrants and checking in with our current Defenders in Oaxaca.

Tlxcala, Mexico February 15, 2010

On this brisk morning in Mexico City, Griselda set out for Tlxcala, Mexico, which is Mexico’s smallest state, located right next to Mexico City. Unfortunately, due to Tlxcala’s proximity to Mexico City some speculate that it is the reason that the trafficking of women has become a part of the culture of Tlxcala, the large city is an easy way to move women through and disperse to other parts of Mexico or other countries. The only NGO that specializes in human trafficking is Centro “Fray Julian Garces” Derechos Humanos y Desarrollo Local, A.C. in Tlxcala City.

Mexico City, Mexico February 12 -15, 2010

Griselda’s next stop was Mexico City. In Mexico City, she had the opportunity to meet with several colleagues to discuss future projects.

Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico February 16, 2010

Arriving on a very warm, 80 degree Tuesday afternoon, Griselda quickly went to her first meeting with Tequio Juridico. Tequio works specifically with the indigenous communities in Oaxaca, and have extensive educational materials the focus on their three primary areas of work: Women’s Rights Project, which helps indigenous women reclaim their personal rights as women; an Agrarian Project, which assists members of the community regain their land rights, and General Advocacy issues which affect their communities.

Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, Mexico – February 19, 2010

This cool, sunny Friday morning took Griselda to meet with Ñu’u Ji Kandii. They have been working with the Defender Network for a little over a year, and have been integrating the issues of migration and US labor rights into their overall programming. The conversation centered around their current projects, especially the difficult work of helping the indigenous communities of the Oaxacan coast make sure they are protected as the Mexican government plans to build a large dam that would displace several communities.


"Tribunal canadiense ordena a empresa indemnizar a trabajadoras mexicanas" (fuente: La Jornada)

COMUNICADO DE PRENSA: Guatemala, Guatemala - Hoy Global Workers Justice Alliance, la Pastoral de Movilidad Humana de la Conferencia Episcopal de Guatemala y La Oficina de Derechos Humanos del Arzobispado de Guatemala hacer saber al publico nacional e internacional de la apropiación irregular de títulos de propiedad por parte de reclutadores de trabajadores migrantes temporales, con el informe "Confiscación de Títulos de Propiedad en Guatemala por parte de reclutadores en Programas de Trabajadores Temporales con Visas H-2B". Sigue el enlace para acceder el comunicado completo:

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