Mexico City, Mexico - April 24

Mexico Director Griselda Vega joined the Jornaleros-SAFE project team for an important press conference that highlighted the work of the project but also highlighted the massive fraud case by the company Chamba Mexico. During the three-years of the project, advocates traveled to communities providing Know-Your-Rights information pertaining to the H-2A visa. As a result of our awareness raising efforts, people arrived at our Defenders' doors with questions and stories of recruitment fraud. Not long after, a recruitment agency by the name Chamba Mexico claimed to offer legitimate temporary jobs in both the U.S. and Canada in exchange for an average cost of $550 USD per person in addition to handing over personal documents such as passports and other government identifications.

Mexico City, Mexico - April 11

The final day of the forum began with the anticipated strategic planning session, where we worked towards a plan for the network in Mexico that will guide our efforts in winning more justice for migrant workers in the year to come. The exercise called for breakout group sessions and ended with a sharing of group conclusions that fed into a larger group discussion. The outcomes of this strategic planning session will ultimately lay the foundation for a broader, regional strategic plan.

Mexico City, Mexico - April 10

Wednesday, the first day of the 3rd Defender Network Forum began in earnest with an update on the status of comprehensive immigration in the U.S. Defenders are constantly bombarded with news surrounding the issue, and it was crucial to clear up any misinterpretations as a preventative measure, especially because unscrupulous “recruiters” can easily exploit the clutter of information to defraud those seeking opportunities abroad. 

Mexico City, Mexico - April 9

Following suit after the recent New Defender Trainings, this is the first year we have designated separate forums for the network based on country. Today, over 20 defenders from 11 states in Mexico arrive for Global Worker’s 3rd Defender Network Forum in Mexico City. The forum is designed to provide a space to examine our work as a network in the context of the problems migrants face in the Mexico-U.S. / Canada corridor, and to start on a strategic plan to increase the portability of justice for these workers.

Philadephia, Pennsylvania - March 15

University of Pennsylvania Law School Sparer Symposium

Executive Director, Cathleen Caron, was invited to speak at the 32nd Annual Edward V. Sparer Symposium at University of Pennsylvania Law School. This year’s symposium was entitled “Repairing the Broken Door: Strategies for Immigration Advocacy and Reform.” Cathleen spoke on the third panel of the day, “Working Outside the Lines: Immigrants and Exclusion from Labor and Employment Protections.” Cathleen presented to an audience of over 100 public interest and private firm lawyers, law professors and students on the need for Global Workers’ innovative cross-border model and how it helped U.S. lawyers more effectively represent low wage workers who returned to their home countries.



"Tribunal canadiense ordena a empresa indemnizar a trabajadoras mexicanas" (fuente: La Jornada)

COMUNICADO DE PRENSA: Guatemala, Guatemala - Hoy Global Workers Justice Alliance, la Pastoral de Movilidad Humana de la Conferencia Episcopal de Guatemala y La Oficina de Derechos Humanos del Arzobispado de Guatemala hacer saber al publico nacional e internacional de la apropiación irregular de títulos de propiedad por parte de reclutadores de trabajadores migrantes temporales, con el informe "Confiscación de Títulos de Propiedad en Guatemala por parte de reclutadores en Programas de Trabajadores Temporales con Visas H-2B". Sigue el enlace para acceder el comunicado completo:

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