Occupational Safety and Health Administration cites L.A company for safety and wage violations. "This employer took illegal advantage of the H-2B program..."

Migrant farm workers sue agriculture giant, Monsanto, for wages and housing conditions.

United States' largest low-wage employers (e.g. Walmart, McDonald's, and Yum! Brands) emerge with strong profits but low-wage workers still struggle.

Governor's Group wants H-2A and Immigration Reform. More seasonal farm workers are needed than ever before.

H-2A temporary workers win victory in back wages case against Peri & Sons. 

Wal-Mart suspends one of its seafood suppliers that has been reported for mistreatment of its workers. “It’s one of the worst workplaces we ever encountered anywhere,” said Scott Nova, executive director of the Worker Rights Consortium.

A New York appeals court champions portable justice, ruling that transnational migrant workers are now allowed to give depositions and trial testimony from their home countries via videoconference. 

US Trafficking and Abuse of Third Country Nationals

Report available:

Labor Department's Guest Worker Reforms Blocked By GOP, Democratic Senators (source: The Huffington Post)



"Tribunal canadiense ordena a empresa indemnizar a trabajadoras mexicanas" (fuente: La Jornada)

COMUNICADO DE PRENSA: Guatemala, Guatemala - Hoy Global Workers Justice Alliance, la Pastoral de Movilidad Humana de la Conferencia Episcopal de Guatemala y La Oficina de Derechos Humanos del Arzobispado de Guatemala hacer saber al publico nacional e internacional de la apropiación irregular de títulos de propiedad por parte de reclutadores de trabajadores migrantes temporales, con el informe "Confiscación de Títulos de Propiedad en Guatemala por parte de reclutadores en Programas de Trabajadores Temporales con Visas H-2B". Sigue el enlace para acceder el comunicado completo:

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