Guatemala City, Guatemala May 20, 2006

Back in Guatemala City, Cathleen signed up additional workers. In addition to the wage claim, one worker continues to suffer from an injury he sustained while working for Brickman in the USA in 2005. Although he is attempting to work now in Guatemala he clearly continues to suffer from the injury and should probably not be working at all. We are now seeking legal help for him so he can get the medical attention he deserves.

Just before leaving Guatemala, another labor case was brought to Cathleen’s attention. This case clearly demonstrates the abuses that easily occur in the very loosely regulated H2 guestworker program. The workers were brought to the US to work in North Carolina to plant pine trees. When the group of workers arrived they were taken directly to Connecticut and told they would be working at a nursery. Their passports were confiscated and they were paid grossly under the minimum wage. Global Workers will seek legal support for these workers. A Guatemalan human rights attorney in Guatemala City will serve as the liaison to the workers in this case.

Overall the trip to Guatemala was very productive and Cathleen looks forward to returning to Guatemala soon!

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