Guatemala, Guatemala April 13, 2007

Global Workers recently learned of the brutal murder of a US union organizer in Mexico on April 9. After wining an historic contract with the North Carolina Growers Association (NCGA), the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) opened an office in Monterrey, Mexico to administer the contract for the Mexican guest workers hired by the NCGA. On Monday, organizer Santiago Rafael Cruz was beaten to death in FLOC’s office. Apparently, FLOC staff had previously received death threats. More details can be found on .

Global Workers is shocked, outraged, and saddened by this event. The US guest worker program is operating lawlessly, fostering an environment where the murder of a person defending the rights of guest workers can occur. The program must be brought under the rule of law, both abroad and at home. The US government must cooperate in a more transparent manner with the foreign governments. Both Mexico and the US must thoroughly investigate and bring to justice Santiago’s murders. Lastly, citizens of Mexico and the US must demand that the guest worker program change so that something like this will never occur again.

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