Guatemala, Guatemala April 28, 2010

Cathleen met with a newly formed governmental commission, CONAMIGUA, the Guatemalan National Commission on Migration. When Global Workers first started its work in Guatemalan in 2005, there was very little attention to the issue of migration. Five years later that is no longer the case and migration is discussed frequently in media outlets and government circles. CONAMIGUA’s mission is to coordinate the government’s migration policies. It is quite a task since various governmental agencies address various aspects of the migration experience.

Cathleen met with CONAMIUA’s Executive Secretary, Erick Maldonado, along with his entire staff (10). The meeting was very congenial and immediately both entities saw how we could support each other. Already we are discussing a training program for Guatemalan officials on the H-2 worker program and U.S. labor rights. In turn, CONMIGUA pledged to provide Global Workers with evidence to push the U.S. government on various issues including publishing the names of H-2 recruiters. CONAMIGUA invited Cathleen to join the Executive Secretary on a national television news program (“8:45” on Canal Antigua) and on Radio Punto, a well-regarded national news radio stations. It was a great opportunity to tell the Guatemalan public about their labor rights in the USA and the services provided by the Defender Network in Guatemala.

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