Mexico City, Mexico – September 10, 2015

Global Workers Defenders Network "Mini" Forum for Defenders in Mexico
With over 15 defenders representing 7 states within Mexico, we held a "Mini" Forum in Mexico City. The first session of the day dealt with the Global Workers Defender identity, and defenders perceptions on belonging to this network, on Global Workers Justice Alliance as an organization, the Defender Coordinating Committee, and the relationship between these three entities. We received very valuable feedback that will help us think strategically about how to improve how all these moving parts work together to achieve portable justice for workers in the region. 
Next, defenders from Michoacán and Oaxaca shared their experiences working with us on the "State Fraud Prevention Campaigns". These experiences set the tone for the next session “State power mapping” to identify key actors in each state to better strategize the advocacy work. In this session, defenders shared their experiences doing advocacy and learned more skills to improve their work. 
The event concluded with the workshop Consideraciones Básicas para la Integración de Proyectos Productivo” a guideline to submit development community projects to the federal government through Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo Social (INDESOL), a federal agency. 
Defenders in Mexico shared with us that having these types of events and training are key to maximizing the impact they can have in their state to secure portable justice for migrant workers. 

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