Day Three - 3rd New Defender Training

The final day of the 3rd New Defender Training began with a presentation on the work of the organization and the structure and function of the Global Workers Defender Network. This was our opportunity to secure the defenders' commitment to join, reiterate the importance of the network model for achieving portable justice, and further fuel their enthusiasm for the work. 

Following this introductory presentation, we conducted hypothetical exercises to train them on the process of facilitating a case. Defenders were asked to identify labor violations in a hypothetical story, and fill out an intake. The last and final session of the training consisted of a training on adminitration forms, the logistical aspect of submitting all the necessary documents to process the case facilitation. 

The 3rd New Defender Training - Mexico concluded with the ceremonious bestowal of Certificate of Completion to each participant, and a goodbye lunch. Overall, this was by far the most well attended and successful of our trainings, and were honored to have visists from representatives from CRS, CAMMINA, and the MacArthur Foundation througout. We hope that this training symbolizes but the beginning of many more great things to come for the Defender Netowrk, for Global Workers Justice Alliance as a whole, and for the achievement of transnational justice for transnational migrant workers.  


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