Mexico City, Mexico - August 3

Global Workers held its first press conference in Mexico, followed by the public release of the report on Article 28 of the Mexican Federal Labor law, at Centro Prodh in Colonia San Rafael.  The morning began with the press conference to highlight the lack of enforcement by the Mexican government regarding these protections.  The report is a comprehensive analysis of the statute and its provisions, concluding with recommendations for advocates to help protect the rights of the thousands of Mexican migrant workers. The report stresses that the Mexican government should have mechanisms and procedures in place that recruiters for foreign employers must comply with to legally recruit and hire Mexican nationals to work abroad.  Patricia Juan Pineda, Mexican labor lawyer and member of the Global Workers Board of Directors, presented a synopsis of the report that included some of the basic requirements stipulated under Art. 28, such as employers registering with the Department of Labor in Mexico, presenting the employment contract and having it approved by the department of labor in Mexico, and employers posting a bond to cover any damages.  Global Workers Defender Hector Jaimes Abarca of Centro Morelos in Guerrero, explained that there are thousands of migrants who travel abroad and face many forms of exploitation.  The Mexican government should be the first line of defense for migrant workers, yet in the Jornaleros - SAFE investigation we have only discovered that one case has been tried on this issue, and many of the workers had no idea that these protections existed.  Media present included, among others,  La Jornada, one of Mexico’s largest newspapers, and Noticias MVS

After the press conference, we proceeded with the public release of the report where Patricia Juan Pineda revisited the synopsis of the report, Hector Jaimes Abarca explained some of the abuses the workers encountered during his research, and Professor Simon Pedro Izcara Palacios from the University of Tamaulipas - an expert on the H2A workers in Mexico - provided context regarding the factors influencing the movement of H-2A workers and the abuses they face.  The press conference and presentation were a success and we were able to share the experience live via U Stream to over 200 Global Workers supporters who were able to view the see it as it was happening!  
The english Executive Summary of the report will be available soon, and we are planning a meeting in the fall with interested advocates in Mexico City to discuss strategies surrounding the enforcement of these protections. 

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