Mexico City, Mexico - July 31

Day Two - 3rd New Defender Training

On this second day, Defenders were once again treated to a guest trainer, Matt Adams from the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, who conducted the module on Immigration. This was by far the most popular amongst the advocates, which only highlights the urgency of this issue at a transnational level. Question were fielded left and right, and despite the generous time devoted to this topic and Matt's heroic efforts to resolve everyones questions and concerns, many unfulfilled doubts, germinated as a result of the process, remained.  

The second module on the agenda was on Health and Safety, where presenter and Mexico Program Director, Griselda Vega covered everything from OSHA to Workers Compensation. The final session of the day included working in groups to discuss the previous sessions and their intersection with the task of providing transnational migrant workers with access to portable justice. 


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