Morelia, Michoacán - October 10, 2013

Global Workers pilots new education tool in Michoacán, Mexico

Today marks the introduction of a new Global Workers’ education tool that will empower migrant worker communities of origin by teaching them to identify fraudulent labor recruiters for H-2 visas, avoid falling prey to common scams, and report violations to the Defender Network and to local authorities.
The pilot “Know Your Rights” workshop was held with the support and participation of defenders Hrna. Irma Murrieta and Paulina Anaya Vazquez of Pastoral Social de Migrantes of Morelia, Michoacán. The workshop was held in Álvaro Obregón, a small community near Morelia. In attendance were members of the community who had previously worked in the U.S., or whose families had worked in the U.S., a local government representative from the Secretary of Migration, and several leaders of local human rights organizations that serve the community. After learning the basics on the substantive laws and procedures of H-2 visas, participants were instructed about their rights when dealing with recruiters, and given tools to spot scams and rights violations. Participants were encouraged to ask questions and participate in the workshop, and to provide critical feedback, an essential part of the process for further development of this tool. 
Thanks to rich audience participation and feedback facilitated by our Defenders, Global Workers will continue to improve this vital educational tool for use in other migrant worker communities. 

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