Congress considers bringing in more foreign workers to fill seasonal jobs (source:

"Last Task After Layoff at Disney: Train [H-1B] Foreign Replacements" (source: The New York Times) 

Don’t fall prey to crooked agents, says Bangladeshi migrant worker in Oman (source: The Times of Oman)

Southern Poverty Law Center files lawsuit against Kiawah Island Golf Resort for underpaying H-2B service workers at the resort over the last three years. (source:

GWJA ED, Cathleen Caron quoted in "Beverly Hills bakery accused of labor abuse by workers on visas" (source LA Times)

Trial Begins In Major Trafficking Case Stemming From Hurricane Katrina Clean-up (source: Mint Press News)

N.J. farm pays $175K settlement for unlawfully hiring foreign workers over U.S. workers (source:

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARCcommits to helping migrant workers (source: The Express Tribune)

UFCW Canada prompts Human Rights Commission warning to Ottawa over gender discrimination in its SAWP recruitment (source:

Canadian government has made public for the first time the details of the points system it will use to select foreign workers.(source: CBC News)


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