Migrant workers find their way to Louisiana farms (source:

Forced labor in America: Thousands of workers are being held against their will (source:

Toronto- Labour program for migrant workers faces gender discrimination claim (source: The Globe and Mail)

Ex diplomat from Philippines accused of trafficking nanny (source:

The Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) brings together more than 200 migrant and civil society leaders from all over the world. 

Recruiters charging foreign workers in Ontario illegal fees as high as $12,000 for jobs that might not exist, report finds. (source: Financial Post)

Workers to be Protected from Exploitation under Steinberg Measure in California (source:

9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals cuts H-2A travel reimbursement deadline (source: Capital Press)

EEOC to Announce Settlement Involving Discrimination Against Over 100 Thai Farm Workers

Tech giant pays for  "systemic fraud and abuse", manipulating the B-1 business visitor visa to avoid the appropriate H-1B visa that would have ensured U.S. workers were not displaced. (source: New York Times)


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