Digging Deeper:

USCIS’s B-1A and B-1B subclasses for Domestic Workers



When B-1 domestic workers apply for an extension of their visa from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), they must classify themselves as either B-1A or B-1B.97 The first subclass is for domestic workers employed by nonimmigrants and the second is for domestic workers employed by U.S. Citizens.98 USCIS does not publish information on whether the agency keeps track of how many visa extensions are sought or approved for either of the B-1A and B-1B subclasses in particular, or the distinctions are used in any other context, such as when issuing the Employment Authorization Documents. In fact, USCIS does not publish any data with respect to B-1 domestic workers.  Neither the State Department nor DHS’s Customs and Border Patrol make use of any distinctions in the data they publish with respect to individuals with B-1 visas.