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2012 At-A-Glance

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Building Capacity: The Global Workers Defender Network

2011 Highlights

In Guatemala and Mexico, Defenders educated over half a million migrants on workers rights in the US through workshops and trainings, Concurrently, all of our Defenders created educational “Know Your Rights” pamphlets to complement their educational outreach efforts, and distributed these to over 30,000 people.

Global Workers trained more than 100 US human rights attorneys on representing foreign clients who have departed from the U.S. More and more nationally renowned organizations are turning to Global Workers to help them face these new challenges.

2010 At A Glance

Businesses are global. Workers are global. Justice is not. Global Workers continues to make groundbreaking progress to ensure that workers do not lose their rights simply because they cross the border to go home. We call it portable justice—the right and ability of migrant workers to access justice in the country of employment even after they have departed. We must ensure that employers do not profit from exploiting workers and then forcing them out of the country in an effort to silence them. Global Workers is changing this reality for thousands of migrants through individual casework, leadership empowerment, and long-term strategic advocacy. In recognition of this work, Global Workers’ Executive Director received three human rights awards in 2010.

2009 At A Glance

Due to Global Workers’ groundbreaking work, hundreds of migrants recovered stolen wages and learned about their rights in the United States in 2009. Again and again we hear that without our support, migrants who have returned home would have little chance to challenge their exploitative U.S. employers. Portable Justice —the right and ability of migrant workers to access justice in the country of employment even after they have departed— is the principle that guides us as we strive to make the world more fair for the world’s most vulnerable workers.

2008 At A Glance

Global Workers continued to set important precedents in 2008. Portable Justice -—the right and ability of migrant workers to access justice in the country of employment even after they have departed-- sets Global Workers apart and has proven to profoundly impact the lives of migrants and their families.
Below are some of the year’s highlights.

2007 At A Glance

In 2007, Global Workers groundbreaking initiative helped thousands of exploited and frightened migrant workers achieve justice by playing a critical role in numerous legal cases for migrants who suffered abuses while working in the United States. By providing in-country expertise and support for United States advocates, Global Workers ensured that injured guest workers received medical coverage after employers revoked their care for leaving the United States; workers were reimbursed stolen wages; trafficked victims received critical affidavits in support of visa petitions so they could remain in the safety of the United States; grossly underpaid guest workers who were coerced into renouncing their rights were able once again to stand up for themselves, and much more.


Eric’s Story: While in the United States working as a landscaper with the H-2 guestworker program in 2006, Eric suffered a debilitating knee injury. After various delays, the company eventually complied with the law and provided him medical care. When Eric’s visa expired he followed the law and went home. Once back in Guatemala the insurance company refused to provide him continuing coverage. Eric was barley able to sustain his family with a poor paying construction job that only worsened his condition. Then Eric found Global Workers and things dramatically changed.

Recent Feature


On Monday, October 6 at 2:00 p.m. ET, three experts will brief Congressional staff on the need for increased transparency within nonimmigrant visa programs that authorize employment, sometimes known as "guestworker" programs. Cathleen Caron, Executive Director of the Global Workers Justice Alliance, Daniel Costa, EPI's Director of Immigration Law and Policy Research, and Tiffany Williams from the Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking, will discuss nonimmigrant visa programs, the need for more transparency, and the Transparency in Reporting to Protect American Workers and Prevent Human Trafficking Act.

"Global Workers is badly needed. It will fill an urgent need and greatly help in our work and increase assistance to migrants."
  - Mary Bauer
Legal Aid Justice Center

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