Mexico City, Mexico - August 3

Global Workers held its first press conference in Mexico, followed by the public release of the report on Article 28 of the Mexican Federal Labor law, at Centro Prodh in Colonia San Rafael.  The morning began with the press conference to highlight the lack of enforcement by the Mexican government regarding these protections.


Day Three - 3rd New Defender Training

The final day of the 3rd New Defender Training began with a presentation on the work of the organization and the structure and function of the Global Workers Defender Network. This was our opportunity to secure the defenders' commitment to join, reiterate the importance of the network model for achieving portable justice, and further fuel their enthusiasm for the work.

Mexico City, Mexico - July 31

Day Two - 3rd New Defender Training

On this second day, Defenders were once again treated to a guest trainer, Matt Adams from the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, who conducted the module on Immigration. This was by far the most popular amongst the advocates, which only highlights the urgency of this issue at a transnational level.

Mexico City, Mexico - July 30

Welcome Reception and Day One

Today marks the beginning of the 3rd New Defender Training. Over 30 advocates from 16 human rights organizations from Mexico are arriving in Mexico City, Mexico. It is the first country-specific New Defender Training to date, and is symbolic of the growth the Newtork has been able to achieve in the past couple of years. With this training, the Global Workers Defender Network is poised to double the numbre of defender organizations in Mexico alone.

Oaxaca, Mexico February 28, 2012

2nd Defender Network Forum – Day Two

Day Two of the forum was a shorter day, and included a technical training on Microsoft Excel, a presentation from the Instituto Oaxaqueño de Atención al Migrante (IOAM), a summary of Global Workers current programs involving the network, and a strategy session.

Oaxaca, Mexico February 27, 2012

2nd Defender Network Forum – Day One

Oaxaca, Mexico February 26, 2012

2nd Defender Forum – Inaugural event

Global Workers conducted its first training on U.S. employment laws in 2008. As we expanded in Guatemala and Mexico we held a second training in 2010. Now that we are growing into additional states in Mexico, it becomes that much more important to prepare our existing network within Mexico for this growth, and discuss with them what this means for increasing efforts in the country to combat transnational worker exploitation.

September 28, 2011 – Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

Meetings with Centro Hermanas Mirabal and Servicios Educativos del Bajio, A.C. (SEBAJ)

Today Global Workers embarks on meeting with two very well established organizations in the city of Leon, Centro Hermanas Mirabal, which focuses on women’s rights, and SEBAJ, an organization whose focus is broken up into several areas, including nutrition, family, the arts, health, migration, education, and labor.

September 27, 2011 – Salamanca and Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico

Meetings with Dimension Pastoral de la Movilidad Humana(DPMH) and Fundación Comunitaria del Bajío

Global Workers team continued its goal of expanding the network to the state of Guanajuato by heading out to Salamanca and Irapuato.


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