San Cristóbal de la Casas, Chiapas, México August 29, 2007

Global Worker had an interesting meeting with the local office of the National Commission of Human Rights, a federal entity that investigates abuses by federal officials. In Chiapas they receive complaints from migrants in transit who have been victims of federal police abuse. Unfortunately, this is an all too common phenomena. Migrants going north are systematically exploited by corrupt police officials. Not surprisingly, the National Commission’s cases suffer from the same portable justice issues that plague all advocates representing transnational clients. Although they do their best to get home country information from the migrants who for the most part are deported or continue their journey north, 50% of the cases are dropped because they can not locate the victim at a later date. Without the evidence, the National Commission can not press its case against the abusive police officers. As a result the abuse continues unchecked. Clearly, civil rights cases would also benefit from the Global Workers’ network.


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