San Salvador, El Salvador, May 5, 2006

Welcome to the first entry of the Global Workers Justice Alliance blog! Here we will share more detailed information about our work.

The Regional Network of Civil Organizations for Migration ( invited Global Workers to speak about immigrant labor rights in the United States at their IX Regional Meeting on Migration in El Salvador May 2-5, 2006. The regional network is comprised of not-for-profits (aka Non Governmental Organizations, in international parlance) from 11 countries in North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Its meeting coincided with the governmental process known as the Regional Conference on Migration ( or the “Puebla Process,” an inter-governmental process on migration issues which initiated in 1996. RROCM holds its own meeting at the RCM conference in an effort to participate (albeit the space was very limited for NGOs) and influence the governmental process.

Labor rights were not an evident issue either in the NGO or the governmental discourse. The role of Global Workers was to educate the RROCM members on immigrant labor rights and transnational justice issues. The NGOs were very receptive and were open to learning more and incorporating labor rights into their work. Global Workers would like to thank RROCM for the invitation to interchange experiences and looks forward to working closely with RROCM.

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