El Salvador


El Salvador & Guatemala - April 21-23, 2015

Recruitment Regulations in Countries of Origin and in Countries of Employment: presentations and discussion 

San Salvador, El Salvador - January 29

A final meeting with an international organization caused Cathleen to reflect on the method of our approach.  Each country has a small core group of organizations that work on migration issues—usually a mix of policy, research, and social services.  What she saw unique about our work was that we were bringing to the table experts on the substantive area of law—labor.  Apparently, issues related to migration are relegated to the small group of migration advocates regardless of the underlying issue.

San Salvador, El Salvador - January 28

The last leg of Cathleen Caron’s trip was to El Salvador.  She had follow-up meetings with some groups to confirm their participation in the New Defender Training scheduled for the end of February and made some new contacts as well.

San Miguel, El Salvador - November 15

On her second visit to El Salvador, Cathleen travelled to San Miguel, the major city in the eastern part of the country and a large migrant sending state. The synergy with the local groups was great. The local Catholic Charities office has been coordinating with the University Gerado Barrios to handle labor rights cases for workers from El Salvador.

San Salvador, El Salvador - October 5

Cathleen Caron visited San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, to learn about migration issues specific to this country and identify organizations to invite to the New Defender Training scheduled for February 2013. El Salvador is a small and highly organized country, providing fewer challenges to set up the Defender Network. Over the course of one week, Cathleen held more than 10 meetings with 16 persons from various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international organizations, and government representatives from El Salvador and the U.S.

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